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Why use Brazilian Ipe decking in Atlanta? Because it is the best, longest lasting, hardwood decking you can buy. Your Ipe deck will be a focal point for your home while you live there and an asset when you sell. Your great grand children can inherit your home and you Ipe deck will still be beautiful. Your neighbors will be envious of your Ipe deck as they see your finished deck.

You can sit on your new deck most of the year as Atlanta has wonderful weather 3 seasons out of four. And that last season is not that bad.

Why buy from us? Simple, because we stock tons of Ipe as well as other Brazilian hardwoods like Garapa, Tigerwood, Massaranduba, Cumaru, and others. You may find another wood that matches your home colors better than Ipe. All the Brazilian hardwoods are much harder than our domestic woods like Oak.

Need another reason for Ipe? Here is a good list to start.

  • Lasts 50 years or more
  • Naturally resists fungus and mold
  • Naturally scratch resistant due to its hardness
  • No chemical treatments underfoot like Pressure Treated PT wood
  • Minimal to no splintering
  • Environmentally better than composites

Need more reasons? Ipe is real wood not composite. Composites are created from non-renewable oil. Ipe is wood. Grown from the earth and will eventually biodegrade back to the earth. Oil is used once and gone forever. We only stock real wood products like real Ipe which are guaranteed sustainable. Real Ipe is only harvested from sustainable forests using sustainable methods.

How can I get started? Easy!

  1. Start with a deck plan. That sounds ominous but it really isnít. Many grand Ipe decks have started from a simple napkin drawing.
  2. If you are building from scratch we recommend you have strong DIY skills or the services of a skilled contractor.
  3. Decide if you want hidden or colored face screw fasteners
  4. and we will help you with quoting and answer any questions!

If you want to email, you can also reach us at

Whether you are building a new upscale outdoor kitchen or just planning to redeck a porch. You will be the envy of your neighbors and friends. Our customers are always telling us how they relate the story of their deck experiences to others.